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Steam Cleaning Services in Redondo Beach, CA


Kid on carpet - Carpet Cleaning in Redondo Beach,CA
Vacuum cleaning - Steam Cleaning in Redondo Beach,CA
Time - The time it takes for the solution to penetrate the fiber.
Agitation - (I use 500 PSI high-pressure spray.)
Temperature - Every 18 degree increase in temp. doubles the cleaning action. Water boils at 212 degrees. I clean at 250 degrees.
Chemicals - Cleaning solution used.

I USE ACTUAL STEAM. Many carpet cleaners use the term "steam-cleaning", when in fact they are using hot, tap water. This means they will have to use more time and/or chemicals to get the carpet cleaned. Time that you pay for, chemicals that leave behind unwanted residue.

Because my system uses STEAM instead of hot water, I am able to use less detergent and complete the job FAST.

Your carpet will be SOFT and FREE OF CHEMICAL RESIDUE and the job will be done QUICKLY.
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Your carpets will be dry within hours.

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